There’s quite a few myths about werewolf weaknesses. I’ll say some are true, a few not so true, and then there’s the myths. Get the scoop after the jump.

True Weaknesses

Werewolves aren’t invulnerable. They can get hurt or killed with more traditional weapons. I should say, weapons with more power than a handgun, should do the trick.

Head Wounds

Like most monsters, if you chop off its head, the critter is dead. End of discussion. The tough part is getting close enough to do that. This is why a hunter should use range weapons. Elephant guns and most military grade weapons should do the trick. But the werewolf is likely to hear you.

Limb Removal

If you want to hurt a werewolf bad and identify it in human form, chop off a limb. Werewolves can’t regenerate lost limbs or organs, like an eye. When they change back to human mode, it’s a dead giveaway (pun intended).

Human Mode

Following on to the last point, it’s easier to fight the human form. They may have advanced strength and speed, but bullets are faster. And you could end them with a handgun, just like any human.


Notice the spelling. Magick, as practiced by a spellcaster, can imbue any weapon with the ability to harm a werewolf. So, a normal arrow might puncture the skin, the magickal arrow will penetrate deep into the flesh. Not much can withstand a mystical weapon in the paranormal world.


Yep, good ol’ fire is known to drive away a werewolf. It also forces the werewolf to flee to regenerate. Now, if you do burn a werewolf, it will still regenerate, so you need to do more damage while it’s burning. That’s where you can couple it with a silver weapon.

Somewhat True Weaknesses

I hate it when something is kinda true. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work. Since it’s not reliable, I wouldn’t depend on exploiting this list against a werewolf.


It kills normal wolves if ingested, not werewolves. Although, some werewolves will smell it and try to avoid it. Don’t count on it as protection.


It can stop the werewolf’s healing abilities. Unless you’ve hit a major organ or body part (the head), it will only hurt the werewolf. Once it’s removed, the werewolf will rapidly heal again.

Untrue Weaknesses

These myths are just that and don’t bother trying them. You’ll only end up ripped apart into little gooey bits or in the werewolf’s belly.


It looks like silver with none of the anti-regenerative properties.

Wooden Stakes

It’s a werewolf, not a vampire.


Even werewolves like to season their meat with it.


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