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Review | In Search Of Monsters

In Search Of Monsters is just about to finish its first season on Travel Channel. Each episode focuses on a cryptid’s origins, witness encounters, an investigation, and expert opinions.

Show Notes

Jake gives his 2-cents on In Search Of Monsters, a new paranormal series from Travel Channel

In this review, I analyze the production, experts’ credentials, re-enactments, originality and truth about the cryptid. For this example, I’ll use Episode 5, The Wendigo, to reference and ladder back to the series as a whole.

This episode had the following experts:

In a nut shell, the show moves quickly between witness encounters, re-enactments with the cryptids, expert opinions, and alternate origins from legends and lore. To me, the standout part of the show is the narrator, Gabe Kunda.

In some cases, the show hyperbolizes the threat the cryptid poses and a few origin explanations are a bit of a stretch. Not every monster is an alien.

Overall, it’s a well made show, and I recommend it for paranormal fans. It reminds me of Paranormal Witness, but with a documentary-and-adventure approach. I hope they explore less common cryptids in future seasons.

In Search Of Monsters airs on Travel Channel, Wednesday nights at 8 PM ET.

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  1. Hi gang. Here’s the link to my article on Wendigos from
    And sorry about my voice: I’ve had laryngitis for the past 2 weeks. I thought I could make it through the review before I got hoarse.

  2. And one more thing: I hope the producers stretch and have less famous cryptids for the next season (if renewed). I mean we all love Big Foot and Nessie, but let’s learn about other critters that aren’t so famous.

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