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killer bee ready to attack

Swarm | When Killer Bees Attack

Killer bees ain’t your grandpa’s honey-making, fuzzy, Blind Melon singin’ bees. These bees are pissed. Get more after the jump.

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review monsters investigators guide magical beings 10th anniversary edition

Review | Monsters: An Investigator’s Guide To Magical Beings (10th Anniversary Edition)

Monsters: An Investigator’s Guide To Magical Beings” is quintessential reading for the field-based investigator … and armchair-based ones, too.

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hodag in rhinelander, wisconsin

The Hodag | Wisconsin’s Fearsome Critter

In the 1890s, a land surveyor battled a nasty critter in the woods, not far from Rhinelander. It set off a sensation that lasts to this day. Get the scoop on the Hodag after the jump.

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giant insect destroys city

The Monsters Are Coming

Welcome to Monsters On The Web (MOTW)! Get a sneak peek at the monstrous articles coming your way.

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