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killer trees with scary limbs pointed to night sky

Curseweald | Snared By Killer Trees

Curseweald is just a fancy word for killer trees. There are more than 3 trillion trees on earth: A few million want to kill you.

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A bayok (native american revenant) ready to attack disrespectful hunters

Baykoks | Hunting The Hunters

Baykoks are skeletal warriors that hunt disrespectful hunters on tribal land. These monsters move fast and kill their victims before they realize what happened.

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Razorback snout and tusks

Razorbacks | Snouts Of Terror

Razorbacks are giant wild boar hybrids. They grind their tusks to knife-like sharpness and slash their way through humans, forests and fields. And, they’re expanding their territory. Get more after the jump.

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hodag in rhinelander, wisconsin

The Hodag | Wisconsin’s Fearsome Critter

In the 1890s, a land surveyor battled a nasty critter in the woods, not far from Rhinelander. It set off a sensation that lasts to this day. Get the scoop on the Hodag after the jump.

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