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ghouls despicable corpse eaters

Ghouls | Despicable Corpse Eaters

Ghouls don’t lurk in graveyards anymore. Nowadays, they live and work in cities. They have jobs that put them close to freshly dead bodies. Get the scoop on these corpse eaters after the jump.

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5 monster books for your library

5 Books For Your Monster Library (Plus 1 Author)

If you like monsters, then there’s 5 books I always reach for when I’ve got the monster itch. Plus, there’s 1 author I always look to for dog men.

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werebats a man-sized bat monster walking, flying and shrieking

Were-Bats | Man-Sized, Screeching Bat Monsters

Guess what’s 6-ft. tall, flies and shrieks so loud you puke? That’s right. It’s a were-bat … and there’s more of them than you think.

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killer trees with scary limbs pointed to night sky

Curseweald | Snared By Killer Trees

Curseweald is just a fancy word for killer trees. There are more than 3 trillion trees on earth: A few million want to kill you.

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Monsters On The Web (MOTW) is now on Pinterest

Monsters On The Web Pinterest Profile

You can now find Monsters On The Web on Pinterest.

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in search of monsters review

Review | In Search Of Monsters

In Search Of Monsters is just about to finish its first season on Travel Channel. Each episode focuses on a cryptid’s origins, witness encounters, an investigation, and expert opinions.

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A bayok (native american revenant) ready to attack disrespectful hunters

Baykoks | Hunting The Hunters

Baykoks are skeletal warriors that hunt disrespectful hunters on tribal land. These monsters move fast and kill their victims before they realize what happened.

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a mummy stumbling out of the dark towards you

Mummies | Religion, Love & Death Personified

No monster shows the depth of character and uniqueness as the mummy. Each Risen still holds onto its personal skills, loves and losses. And it’s tragic they must die again.

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Razorback snout and tusks

Razorbacks | Snouts Of Terror

Razorbacks are giant wild boar hybrids. They grind their tusks to knife-like sharpness and slash their way through humans, forests and fields. And, they’re expanding their territory. Get more after the jump.

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a kraken swims toward an unsuspecting ship

The Kraken | Sinking Ships For Centuries

Kraken swim in the depths of the world’s oceans, waiting for the right moment to snatch a ship and pull it under. Because a giant squid’s gotta eat, right?

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