Monsters On The Web (MOTW) is a resource for folks like me, monster fans!

In some cases, you could read a detailed monster origin or a scary story about one. There’s no rule about what goes into the content. You’ll find information like:

  • True stories
  • Monster descriptions
  • Monster origins
  • Encyclopedia-like entries
  • Classifiers based on the monster type

Now, this sounds like something out of a roleplaying game. It’s not meant to be that.

My goal is to make an entertaining and informative site about monsters. You can find an example over at my other site, Here’s a description of a wendigo, so you can see what I want to create for other monster fans.

I’ll draw inspiration from real-life, movies, TV, comic books, creepy pastas and other sources. While there will be real monsters on this site, treat MOTW as a fictional site. If a monster really exists (or existed), I’ll tag it with ‘real-life monster’ as the category.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jacob ‘Jake’ Rice