jacob rice monsters on the web

Monsters On The Web is a fanboy site created by Jacob ‘Jake’ Rice. Don’t take it too seriously.

Jake’s always been fascinated with ghosts, monsters and mysteries. But monsters hold a special place in his heart.

As a kid growing up in Wisconsin, he spent Saturday mornings playing hockey, then watching Hammer films and hunting the hodag the rest of the day. In Chicago, he hunted ghosts and explored urban legends. Now that he’s in Seattle, he’s rediscovered his love of monsters and cryptids.

Let’s get to know him better.

What are your favorite monster movies and why?

Looking back, I was really into the vampire movies by Hammer Studios. There was something tragic, romantic and scary about them. I couldn’t get enough. Funny thing though, I don’t care for vamp movies as much any more. A few like, Lost Boys, Fright Night and Near Dark, have a special place in my dark little heart.

If you had to become a monster, which one would you be?

A weredog, but I could become a werewolf hands down. I’d want to be one that kept my mind like from the Teen Wolf TV series. I don’t think I could lose control like most horror movies portrays them. And I would want to transform into a War Wolf, like the Underworld movies, or a giant werepitbull because I have 3 pitties at home.

Do you have any favorite cryptids?

I’m a big fan of the hodag because I’m from Wisconsin. You can’t escape it. But my favorite cryptids are lake monsters and sea creatures. You gotta love Pepie (Lake Pepin, WI) or a kraken. Dog men, not surprisingly, is a close third. Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I have a soft spot in my heart for Batsquatch.

What drew you to the paranormal?

My family told a lot of ghost stories and told tall tales of monsters in the woods. I always wanted to prove they existed. I’ve also had interests in ancient mysteries and archaeology like Indiana Jones. So, I can’t point to any one thing that made me pick up a proton pack to bust ghosts or chase after the creature in the woods, it’s just a part of me.

Jake is also the main writer for GhostlyActivities.com, a popular ghost hunting site. Check it out, too!