Welcome to Monsters On The Web (MOTW)! Get a sneak peek at the monstrous articles coming your way.

Monster Articles Coming Soon

Each week, I’ll write a detailed report on a type of monster. In some cases, they’ll be stories with some nerdy info woven into it.

You can expect a lot of pictures with each article. I mean, seeing a creature is the best way to describe it.

In no particular order, you’ll get info on:

  • Urban legends like the Hodag
  • Forest monsters like Big Foot
  • Sea monsters like the Kraken
  • Desert monsters like mummies
  • Man-made monstrosities like the giant ants from Them
  • Sci Fi classics like Godzilla
  • Lake monsters like Champ from Lake Champlain
  • The Undead like vampires and zombies
  • Cursed people like werewolves and wendigos

…and I’ll write up as much as I can. So, come back and check out MOTW every weekend. There may be some videos and podcasts sprinkled in for good measure.