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mad scientist series

Mad Scientists Experiment in February 2020

Genius has a dark side. Sometimes, it’s madness. In other cases, reason and logic overrule their hearts, and they make their test subjects suffer. Get the scoop on the next series from Monsters On The Web.

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mummy crawling to attack someone

How to Fight A Mummy

It takes more than a shovel to the head to stop mummies. Well, that actually depends on the type of mummy. Find their weaknesses and how to protect yourself after the jump.

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mummy powers pharaohs priests abilities

Mummy Powers | Pharaoh & Priest Abilities

Not every mummy returns to life with powers. Only 2 have god-like abilities, but they come with a catch. Get the scoop after the jump.

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mummy attacking with sand blast

4 Kinds of Murderous Mummies

Not all mummies stumble around in dark tombs waiting to kill. A couple have motivations … that still lead to death and dismemberment. Get the scoop after the jump.

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3 mummies about to attack

Mummy Fight Scenes From Movies

Who says an undead Egyptian can’t throw down anymore? These mummy fights prove a 2,500 year-old corpse has some chutzpah. Get battles below.

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mummy rambling toward you

Mummies Arrive in February 2020

The next monster series focuses on Mummies, the undead monsters from the Middle East. Get more after the jump.

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best werewolf books for lupine lovers

Best Werewolf Books For The Lupine Lover

Here are 5 werewolf books for lupine-philes to read and savor. Like a good, rare steak.

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werewolf getting ready to fight

Werewolf Fights In Movies & TV Shows

Werewolves are the natural predators of bloodsuckers. If you ever need a vamp dusted, sick a wolf on their ass. Plus, there’s other fights in this list. Get the battles after the jump.

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a man transforms into bipedal werewolf

Werewolf Transformations: 4 Types of Wolf Modes

If you get bitten by a werewolf, you could turn into one within 30 days. With that, you may end up looking like the beast that bit you … or not. Get the 4 different kinds of werewolf transformations after the jump.

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werewolf walking at night with bats and moon in background

Werewolf Weaknesses & Protection Techniques

There’s quite a few myths about werewolf weaknesses. I’ll say some are true, a few not so true, and then there’s the myths. Get the scoop after the jump.

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