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all about werewolves podcast cover

All About Werewolves Podcast

Hi gang! On April 1st, I got to host an episode on werewolves at Mystic Moon Cafe Radio. Check it out!

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kraken attacks ship to eat sailors

Krakens | Lords of the Deep

Monstrous squids and octopi lurk in the depths of the ocean, waiting for a passenger ship. Then their slithering tentacles breach the surface and feast on screaming tourists.

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Monsters On The Web | On Vacation

I’ll post again the week of March 23rd. Take care!

giant lizard foot made by mad science

Monsters Made With Mad Science

Mad scientists have a knack for creating monsters. Some help out but most destroy major cities and kill a lot of people. Not every one on this list has smashed Tokyo, but they were all created through mad uses of science.

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mad scientists motivations

Mad Scientist & Evil Genius Motivations

Let’s take a look at what motivates a scientist or genius to go a little crazy. You do know there’s a link between genius and madness, right?

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mad scientist series

Mad Scientists Experiment in February 2020

Genius has a dark side. Sometimes, it’s madness. In other cases, reason and logic overrule their hearts, and they make their test subjects suffer. Get the scoop on the next series from Monsters On The Web.

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mummy crawling to attack someone

How to Fight A Mummy

It takes more than a shovel to the head to stop mummies. Well, that actually depends on the type of mummy. Find their weaknesses and how to protect yourself after the jump.

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mummy powers pharaohs priests abilities

Mummy Powers | Pharaoh & Priest Abilities

Not every mummy returns to life with powers. Only 2 have god-like abilities, but they come with a catch. Get the scoop after the jump.

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mummy attacking with sand blast

4 Kinds of Murderous Mummies

Not all mummies stumble around in dark tombs waiting to kill. A couple have motivations … that still lead to death and dismemberment. Get the scoop after the jump.

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3 mummies about to attack

Mummy Fight Scenes From Movies

Who says an undead Egyptian can’t throw down anymore? These mummy fights prove a 2,500 year-old corpse has some chutzpah. Get battles below.

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